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Welcome to REST Worldwide

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WelcOMe hOMe!

Here at REST Worldwide, each member has their own OM, their own sacred space, their own “healing” abilities, their own safe place, their own universe, all within their God given OM. 

    began a few years after a founding member received a mission during a sacred plant medicine ceremony.

“Open health clinics to help save their lives, healing communities to transform their lives”  

    REST Worldwide is a divine healing community of medicine men/woman and sacred art practitioners.

REST Worldwide are governed by GOD, Great Spirit, Buddha, Krishna, Asclepius God of Healing, all the healing Gods, the Serpent, Lion and Lamb Jesus Christ. 

Each member has unique talents and healing abilities to share. Members specialize in KAMBO, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicines, Ayurveda, Sacred Plant Medicines and other sacred healing arts. Members are members when they say they are. Each member is encouraged to only contribute their time, talent, expertise and resources “As The Spirit Leads”.

We are a self-sufficient church earning all financial donations by creating sacred space and performing a variety of ceremonies. From the abundant overflow of anointed people and resources the Great Spirit provides to and through us, we co-created the REST Community Fund which is designed to provide plant medicine, food, shelter, clothing, personal development and healing arts apprenticeship programs to help spread healing medicines to the entire world. *The REST Community Fund is being established and expected to launch 1/1/2022.


Let the healing begin…

Sacred Plant Medicine Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Although more research is needed, according to current research, Ayahuasca may:

  • Protect Brain Cells
  • Stimulate Neural Cell Growth
  • Boost Mood
  • Improve Mindfulness

let the healing begin...

12 potential benefits of ayahuasca


Cleansing and Purification

Healing of the mind, body & soul

Healing from Depression and anxiety

Healing from chemical dependency

Deeper appreciation of life

deeper understanding of yourself 

raised level of consciousness

enhanced creativity

find purpose in life

deepened connection to nature

freedom from conditioning

freedom from fear based thinking

What is Breath Work? What are the benefits?

  • aid positive self-development.
  • boost immunity.
  • process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma.
  • develop life skills.
  • develop or increase self-awareness.
  • enrich creativity.
  • improve personal and professional relationships.
  • increase confidence, self-image, and self-esteem.